Begin Your Journey!

TrainMe is the ideal six week long programme for people who are just starting out or want to get a little more out of their workouts. Get familiar with the gym! Perfect for people whose professional commitment does not follow a pre-set weekly pattern.



Even if you have a busy week and you have to be flexible with your working hours, TrainMe gives you enough flexibility to get your job and your workouts done! But you still will have to commit four times per week! If you follow that rule, I can guarantee you that your body will change in that time.


Tested and Proven

TrainMe is a well thought through programme providing the best exercise combinations, set numbers, rep ranges and rest times. In a week’s cycle you will train each of your muscle groups. The daily workout sequence takes into consideration the resting muscles and the DOMS from previous workouts, thus optimising the results.



Your results depend on various factors: your body type, your nutrition, intensity of your workouts, and recovery. But you will see results: fat loss and muscle mass gain. And building a muscular frame for your next step in your bodybuilding journey!

TrainMe - 6 Week Beginners Programme